Are you ready to spring into action? While it’s still a little chilly out and we haven’t fully busted out the short sleeves and sandals, we can still prepare our gardens and lawns for warmer weather. Your first step will be clearing the yard of all leaves, twigs, and small debris it might have gathered in the fall and winter. Using a rake is the best way to rid your yard of any grass that didn’t survive the winter. If you choose to aerate your lawn it will allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to help your grass grow fuller and healthier. After aerating you are free to lay down the seed. Using a spreader is the easiest way to spread seed, but the old fashioned way of spreading by hand works just as good. You should spread the seed evenly, making sure there are no clusters or clumps. Finally, you are going to water your lawn, once in the morning and once at night for about ten minutes to make sure the top layers of soil stay moist. Don’t over water your lawn or you will risk washing away the seed. Following these steps should provide you with a beautiful yard to enjoy during the warmer months!

We are currently selling two types of grass seed, our contractors blend, a mixture of annuals and perennials, and our athletic blend, which is 100% perennials. Both are available in 25 pound (5,000 sq. ft.) and 50 pound (10,000 sq. ft.) bags. There is also screened loam available for those of you who are in need of that as well. Our loam has compost added to it during the screening process which makes it ideal for lawns and gardens. If you have any questions about our products, call 413-583-6508.