Delivery is available for both loose and palletized products.

Loose products, such as stone, loam, and mulch, are delivered in a single axle or tri-axle dump truck.

Palletized products, such as wood pellets, pavers, and wall stone, are delivered on a boom truck.
The boom truck can fit up to 5 pallets of material and uses an attached arm to unload the pallets.


When expecting a delivery from Haluch’s, please ensure that:

  • Cars are out of the driveway
  • Delivery location is clearly marked
  • No low hanging tree limbs or wires that wouldn’t allow the trailer body to rise
  • No sprinkling or septic systems in the trucks way
  • Driveway or gate is at least 10 ft. wide, clear on both sides, no branches/bushes
  • Lawn is dry and solid