Do you sell to homeowners?
Yes. We sell to homeowners and professional landscapers.

Do you do installation?
No, we only supply the materials. Call us and we will refer you to a few landscapers in your area, or visit the information page for video tutorials on how to get this work done yourself.

How much stone or mulch do I need?
When spreading stone or mulch 3” deep one cubic yard will cover approximately 100 square feet. Call us and we will be happy to do more precise calculations for you or click here for a calculator.

I just need a couple of buckets of stone, can you do that?
Yes, we will be happy to sell you stone or sand by the bucket. Please bring containers and a shovel.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do! Click services tab for more information

How long is the wait on delivery?
Usually a day or two. We suggest that you call an order in a couple of days in advance, although if we’re not very busy we may be able to deliver the same day.

Do I have to be home at time of delivery?
You don’t, as long as we have clear instructions and have received the payment.

Can you deliver the Wood Pellets directly to my garage?
No, we can unload the pellets from the truck in your driveway in front of the garage, but we do not bring them inside.

What do I need to do in order to prepare for a delivery?
Make sure there are no low tree limbs, hanging wires or sprinklers in the way. Temporarily move the vehicles out of the way and leave a marker in the exact spot you want the materials (such as a bucket, an orange cone, tarp or a cardboard sign)

Do you sell plants?
No, we don’t. We sell landscape and hardscape supply materials, garden statuary, loam and grass seed but no plants.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Do you install sprinkler systems?
No, we do not.