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How Much Wood Pellets Will I Need?

If you're considering using wood pellets or you have just installed a pellet stove you may be asking yourself this question. Of course there is no one easy answer, because you have to account for the size and shape of the house, how well insulated it is, and the efficiency of your pellet stove, but we did some research and found a few numbers to help you out. Generally, 1 ton of wood pellets = 120 gallons of heating oil = 170 gallons of propane This is based on 80% efficiency of both, the oil heater and the pellet stove. On average, people use 4-5 [...]

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Winter Care for Fountains, Birdbaths, Planters and Statuary

Cast Stone Cast Stone, or concrete, is a porous absorbent material. Unfortunately that makes it especially vulnerable to freeze/thaw cycles. The highest risk pieces are cast stone fountains and birdbaths because they are meant to hold large amounts of water, so when the water freezes and expands the pieces may develop cracks. Sometimes they are large noticeable cracks, but most commonly they are hairline cracks that won’t be seen but will weaken the piece and shorten its lifetime. To avoid this from happening you must ensure that none of the pieces are holding water before the first frost comes. That means either draining water fountains [...]

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