Ray Haluch, Inc. is a family owned landscape supply company in Ludlow, MA. You can call us Haluch’s (ha-lucks) for short! We provide a wide selection of quality landscaping products, such as natural stones, gravel, pavers, retaining walls, mulch, loam, landscaping edging, wood pellets, as well as beautiful outdoor statuary and fountains. Come visit our spacious green yard on Rt 21 in Ludlow to see our selection, get samples of materials and meet our helpful staff! Fast delivery is available with no minimum purchase. CURRENT HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30 am TO 4:00 pm

Stairs & Steps

Steps & Stair Treads

We carry a large variety of natural stone steps and stair treads. Granite, bluestone and sandstone pieces are available in a number of colors to match any landscape or hardscape. The stair treads are usually 1 1/2”- 2” thick, 12”-24” wide and up to 10 feet long. These treads will give your staircase a beautiful uniform look, but can be used on a number of different risers.

The steps are usually 6”-7” thick and don’t require a riser. They vary in width from 13” to 24” and come in lengths of up to 8 feet.

Bluestone Stair Tread Sizes: All sizes are 1.5” thick
12”x48”, 12”x72”, 12”x84”, 12”x96”, 12”x120”, 24”x36”, 24”x48”, 24”x60”, 24”x72”, 24”x84”, 24”x96”

Granite Stair Tread Sizes: All sizes are 2” thick
12”48”, 12”x 60”, 12”x 72”

Grantie Step Sizes:
13”x36”x7”, 13”x48”x7”, 13”x72”x7”, 13”x96”x7”, 24”x48”x7”, 24”x72”x7”

Blue Step 16”x48”x6”
Barn Red Step 18”x48”x6”
Mt. Laurel Step 18”x48”x6”

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