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Sand and Gravel

Screened Sand

Our coarse yellow sand has lots of applications including bedding under patios, winter road treatment, and in sandboxes.

$12 per cubic yard

Title 5 Septic Sand

This sand is very similar to our regular screened sand, but meets the Title 5 material specification.

$12 per cubic yard

masonry sand
Mason Sand

This fine white washed sand is often used under swimming pools because it won’t pierce the lining.

$25 per cubic yard


Hardpack is a recycled base material that compacts into a hard base but still provides drainage.

$16 per cubic yard

Processed Gravel

Processed gravel is base material made out of 1.5″ stone and sand. It offers great drainage and compacts well.

$14 per cubic yard


Fill is inexpensive unscreened material used for back-filling large areas. The content of fill varies greatly among suppliers, but ours consists primarily of sand with a small amount of rocks.

$6 per cubic yard

Crushed Stone 3/4″

Washed crushed gravel in shades of gray and brown, screened through a 3/4″ screen.

$23 per cubic yard

Crushed Stone 1.5″

Utility crushed gravel in shades of gray and brown, screened through a 1.5″ screen.

**Please note that pictured is a stone of the same color but smaller size

$23 per cubic yard


Stone dust, or trap rock dust is often used for walkways and trails, and sometimes paddocks

$22 per cubic yard

Driveway Screenings

Driveway screenings, or half-inch screenings is a mixture of stone dust and 1/2″ piece of trap rock. This is a great material for dirt driveways.

$22 per cubic yard