Ray Haluch, Inc. is a family owned landscape supply company in Ludlow, MA. You can call us Haluch’s (ha-lucks) for short! We provide a wide selection of quality landscaping products, such as natural stones, gravel, pavers, retaining walls, mulch, loam, landscaping edging, wood pellets, as well as beautiful outdoor statuary and fountains. Come visit our spacious green yard on Rt 21 in Ludlow to see our selection, get samples of materials and meet our helpful staff! Fast delivery is available with no minimum purchase. CURRENT HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30 am TO 4:00 pm

Sand and Gravel

Sand and Gravel Description

  • Boulders – Sizable rocks to accent your landscape needs.
  • Crushed Stone – 3/4″ & 1 1/2″ crushed stone used primarily for foundations and drainage.
  • Driveway Screenings – Stone dust mixed with ½” trap rock. Ideal for driveways.
  • Hardpack – A recycled material consisting of crushed stone, concrete, blacktop, and sand. This is a great base material that packs down, yet still provides good drainage.
  • Masonry Sand – Fine washed white sand, great for mixing mortar.
  • Natural Stone – 3/4″ &  1 1/2″ rounded stone used for general landscaping, foundations & drainage.
  • Pea Stone – 3/8″ rounded stone for play areas or dog kennels.
  • Processed Gravel – Sandy mix with stones sized up to 1 ½”.
  • River Jack  3”-5” Natural – Large rounded stone, mixture of gray, brown, and beige.
  • River Jack 4″-6″ Gold Nugget – Large rounded golden-yellow stone
  • Screened Sand – Coarse yellow screened sand, can be used as play sand and as a top layer of patio base.
  • Stone Dust – Finely ground trap rock.
  • Title 5 Sand – Title 5 approved coarse sand used for septic systems.











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