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Natural Wall Stone

Country Wall Stone

Stone used for the traditional New England “Colonial” style walls.

$330 per pallet

Goshen Wall Stone

Goshen stone is named after Goshen, Massachusetts where it’s quarried. This stone is dark gray with a lot of mica and some rust-colored streaks.

$315 per pallet

Snapped Edge Wall Stone

This wall stone comes in a variety of thicknesses and two colors – a blueish gray and a lilac color. The pieces are mostly flat, which makes easy to stack.

$330 per pallet

Saratoga Granite Wall Stone

Beautiful dark granite with a bluish tint and a little bit of brown.

$400 per pallet

Cottage Wall Stone

Light-colored stone in shades of sandy-beige, ivory, and light gray.

$360 per pallet

Connecticut Wall Stone

Tan and gray with lots of mica, this stone comes on a smaller pallet than our other natural wall stones.

$225 per pallet

Round 6″ Palletized Stone

Pallet of rounded river stones, mostly 6″-8″ in diameter are great to use for a pond or a dry creek bed.

$220 per pallet