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Landscaping Fabric

10 Year Weed Control Fabric

SRW Polyspun polypropylene fabric is a great long-lasting weed barrier perfect for under mulch and stone beds.

3’x50′ – $11
4’x100′- $28
4’x300′ – $70

20 Year Landscaper Fabric

SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbond geotextiles have high water flow creating excellent permittivity. These fabrics can be used behind retaining walls and in french drains, as well as for general landscaping.

3’x100′ – $34
4’x300′ – $123
6’x300′ – $182

Fabric Pins

Heavy-duty 6″ steel anchor pins for landscaping fabric. Sold by the piece, or as a box of 75.

Box of 75 – $14


Geogrid is used to add strength to retaining walls. We sell it in 4’x50′ rolls