Ray Haluch, Inc. is a family owned landscape supply company in Ludlow, MA. You can call us Haluch’s (ha-lucks) for short! We provide a wide selection of quality landscaping products, such as natural stones, gravel, pavers, retaining walls, mulch, loam, landscaping edging, wood pellets, as well as beautiful outdoor statuary and fountains. Come visit our spacious green yard on Rt 21 in Ludlow to see our selection, get samples of materials and meet our helpful staff! Fast delivery is available with no minimum purchase. CURRENT HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30 am TO 4:00 pm

Landscaping Fabric


SRW Landscaping Fabric

10 Year Weed Control Fabric

This type of fabric is great for landscapes and flower gardens in order to control weeds. This fabric type allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to promote plant health by minimizing weed growth.

20 Year Landscaping Fabric

Professional landscapers consider SRW’s Spunbond fabric to be a favorite due to its strength and versatility. This fabric is easy-to-cut and tear resistant.

Fabric Pins
Keep your landscaping fabric in place with  our heavy duty anchor pins. Pins are to be placed every 3 to 5 feet and are sold individually as well as in boxes of 75.

Geogrid is a flexible, synthetic mesh which is manufactured specifically for slope stabilization and earth retention. When building a retaining wall use geogrid between the layers of block to stabilize the wall. Our geogrid is available in rolls of 4’x45’ or per lineal foot.

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