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Premium Grass Seed

Our year-round green grasses are best planted in the fall and spring of each year.  Early fall is considered by turf experts to be the best planting date because this allows for more growing time under ideal growth conditions (soil temperatures of 50 – 65 degrees).  Spring is considered second best. Planting in summer is also an option, but irrigation is critical. Planting when night time temperatures are above 70 should be avoided altogether.


Our athletic grass seed mix is a combination of rye, bluegrass, and fescue. Athletic is 100% perennials.

10 lb. – $29.75
25 lb. – $74.25
50 lb. – $148.50

The primary difference between the athletic and contractor blend is that the contractor blend is 50% perennials, 50% annuals.

10 lb. – $20.65
25 lb. – $51.60
50 lb. – $103.20

Tips & Tricks

Important Planting Tips:

-Most grass seeds need 1/8” to 1/4” soil above the seed

-Soil must be moist for good germination

-Seeds must be in close contact with the soil
(it’s a good idea to lightly compress the soil after planting the seeds)


-3-5 lb. per 1000 square feet

-10 lb. bag covers 2000-3000 sq. ft.

-25 lb. bag covers 5000-7500 sq. ft.
(0.15 acre)