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Lawn Edging

Black Edg-Knight 

Black Edg-Knight landscape edging by Oly-Ola is made with 100% recycled, high grade polyethylene, without fillers or blown in materials. Comes in 20 foot strips, with a connector and 4 stakes included with each piece.

Black Edg-Knight 20′ strip – $19.80 each

Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging

Aluminum edging doesn’t rust, rot, or crack and is designed to create an invisible border. Curv-Rite edging comes in four colors: black, green, bronze, or mill finish (natural aluminum) and 8 or 16 foot lengths. This edging interlocks by simply sliding pieces into one-another.

Curv-Rite 8′ Mill Finish – $15 each
Curv-Rite 8′ Other Colors – $18 each
Curv-Rite 16′ Mill Finish – $28 each
Curv-Rite 16′ Other Colors – $34 each

Scalloped Edging

Traditional concrete edging with half-circles on top. It comes in gray or red, straight or curved and the pieces are 12″ long.

Scalloped Edging 12″ – $1.60

Pietra Edging

This concrete edging by Techo-Bloc is available in a few different colors and comes as a set of 3 pieces of different lengths, adding up to 3 feet. The irregularity, rough top, and beautiful blended colors make it as attractive as natural stone.

Pietra Edging  – $16.50 for 3′ set

Belgik Edging

This concrete edging by Techo-Bloc is 10″ long, available in a few different colors, and has a rough finish on 2 sides. It can be installed vertically, or on an angle as shown here.

Begik Edging  – $5.67 each


Granite cobbles make a great long-lasting lawn border.

Landscape Timbers

Treated wood edging, guaranteed for 40 years.

Landscape Timbers 6″ x 6″ x 8′ – $30 each
Landscape Timbers 6″ x 8′ x 8′ – $40 each

Paver Edging


L-shaped paver restraint by Oly-Ola made of 100% recycled, high grade PVC, without fillers or blown in material. Bric-Edg is available in a “flexible” and “rigid” designs depending on your application, and each 15 foot piece comes with 4 stakes and a connector.

Bric-Edg 15′ strip – $26.20 each

Stable Edge Aluminum Edging

L-shaped low-profile aluminum paver restraint by Curv-Rite available in 8 foot strips, and each piece comes with 4 steel spikes and a connector.

Stable Edge 8′ strip – $13.50 each