Ray Haluch, Inc. is a family owned landscape supply company in Ludlow, MA. You can call us Haluch’s (ha-lucks) for short! We provide a wide selection of quality landscaping products, such as natural stones, gravel, pavers, retaining walls, mulch, loam, landscaping edging, wood pellets, as well as beautiful outdoor statuary and fountains. Come visit our spacious green yard on Rt 21 in Ludlow to see our selection, get samples of materials and meet our helpful staff! Fast delivery is available with no minimum purchase. CURRENT HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30 am TO 4:00 pm


Cobblestone was one of the first natural stone material used for roads and walkways. The first cobblestones were rounded stones found in river beds that were mortared in place. Later, “setts” were introduced – these are manufactured rectangular pieces of stone that are close in size and can be installed next to one another with no mortar needed. “Setts” are what is known as “cobblestones” today and they can still be found in the historical parts of many cities, as well as in our own yard. Granite cobblestones are ideal for landscaping applications due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Granite Cobblestones by Old World Cobble

These cobblestones are hand cut and have a tumbled appearance.  Being hand cut, sizes vary slightly but are fairly consistent. We carry granite cobblestones in gray, pink and black. Note: not all sizes come in all colors.
Sizes available: 4”x4”x4”, 4”x4”x8”, 4”x5”x9”, 4”x7”x10”, 3”x6”x12”

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