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Mulch and Termites

It’s springtime, and here at Haluch’s we have mulch on our minds. Not only mulch this time, but also termites. We find that there are a lot of myths and fears relating to the subject of termites in mulch and we’d like clear things up to the best of our ability. Moist, uncompressed soil is the perfect habitat for termites. Unfortunately those are the exact conditions that are ideal for plants, and mulch is used to achieve them. It doesn’t matter what type of mulch you use in your garden bed – if it keeps moisture in the soil and provides shelter, then termites can [...]

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Choosing Mulch – Stone or Bark?

Mulch is important for maintaining a neat garden bed around your house. It prevents weed growth, provides drainage yet keeps in the moisture. Both, stone and bark mulches will provide the same service in that regard. However, each has its own pros and cons that we will go over: Bark Mulch’s best attribute is that it’s organic and will dec ompose, providing the soil with nutrients. Some types of aromatic mulches, such as cedar and hemlock have insect repelling qualities and will help to keep ant hills out of your lawn. The downfall of using organic mulches, such as bark mulch, is that [...]

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